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Life at the Ocean

In few months is going to be two years since I moved to Lahinch.

It feels like it was only yesterday, moving from busy Dublin and coming from a city like Milan is quite a shock, but in fairness... it's worth all the wind and rain here.

The people I met and the beautiful landscapes are fulfilling my heart with joy.

I haven't been surfing that much, but to be honest... I am more of a earth person, I like to be out in the muck... get dirty with colours and soil... the Ocean is great... but I prefer when the sea is warm.

Lately I collaborated with two amazing local surfboard shapers, Luke Underwood and Tom Doige, DH Surfboard. Two of the boards where commissioned by Joshua Karbus, amazing local surfer, he is only 8 years old!

What I love about painting on a surfboard is that the surface of the foam reminds me of watercolour paper, its behaviour is similar, it absorbs the water in, so you need to add more layers once it sinks in, to get the colour appear more vivid.

I love the challenge every time because I only draw with pencil very lightly and then I have to start playing with the colours.

Usually, I do some sketches the night before playing with colours and shades... but it never looks the same as on the foam, so the trick is just to go with the flow and be confident.

My artwork is usually commissioned and I add a bit of my own. Knowing that I am a plant lover you won't be deluded by asking me to paint giant flowers, leaves or trees.

Here is a video I took of myself making Martin's board. He edited it and put the music together.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

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