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Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Second day after Christmas. Lots of emotion came out last few days, we learn from the past, for the present and the future. If we would only trust, help each others, fight the fear we are all so tight with, fight the comfort zone and go beyond barriers to find love. Love is not made of two. Is made of many, it get stronger when people are together, it spread out like an Ivy, without being poisonous.

Last painting I did was a commission of an "Hedera hibernica" for a very special person I have been working with, she taught me a lot. Strong woman who can deal with anything and taught me few things in life I needed to do. One is trusting yourself. The other is learn from others and make the best out of it. Sometimes can be hard and harsh, is not easy to change, according to our common way of using our mind. Is hard dropping your ego down, listening and believing that others don't judge because of You, they just have their own experience and they project things on others, sometimes giving help, sometimes damaging, if just taken in the wrong way.

Ivy is a bit of a symbol for me, for this New Year coming... this is it... we should all see that everything in life had bad and good, it is only up to us to see the right side of things. Is only through our only genuine self that we can benefit from others and help as well. Is only through our trust, in ourselves and others, that we can reach a deep understanding of how things really are without giving out on others, without blaming them. We are all suffering at some stage in life, we all feel guilt and abandon, at some stage... but we just have to grab our infinite possibilities in life, stand up and fight our fear, fight our ego, fight every blame on others... or just ACCEPT IT. Is only up to us what will happened and we throughly have to keep sowing our seeds for our future, accepting whatever comes and deal with it.  Giving, believing, helping each other out.

Ivy, again, can be poisonous to humans, but can also give the most beautiful fruit for the winter to the birds and the bees, which would starve if that amazing flowers and fruits wouldn't be there. It spread harmoniously everywhere, giving beautiful black berries in winter and beautiful dark leaves... some think it can suffocate trees, some think it helps them standing up. Its a beautiful plant to learn from.

Hope this can give hope to some out there. We all make mistakes, we all get angry, we all have feelings, but we are all equally feeling this in different stages in life.  We are not alone and we have the power of making things better through communication and trust.

"Ivies are of major ecological importance for their nectar and fruit production, both produced at times of the year when few other nectar or fruit sources are available." Wikipedia

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