* Picture by Myriam Riand

* Picture by Myriam Riand


Are you based in North of Clare, interested in ethical, home grown flowers, raised biodynamically? You found your place.

I am growing flowers and create arrangement on demand.


WHO IS IT FOR? If you are a person wishing to search fresh picked bunches for your home, if you are a restaurant, an event organiser, or an interior designer needing something special for a photoshoot... please ask me!

WHY IN CLARE? I am an artist and a grower. I can't do everything. So, for the moment I can take as many orders as I can to provide your space with lovely flowers.


HOW FRESH?  There won't be any sort of preservatives in it. You just have to keep them watered properly and they will last more than a week if changed every two days.

All of my flowers are picked in the wild, on my own land, or in my own flower garden, cultivated using no-dig method, following biodynamic methods when possible and using only what is in season.

I don't import from Holland.

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